blender and ubuntu 11.10

well, I installed ubuntu 11.10 on a partition in order to test my scripts before publishing them .. there are cases where it does not work as it should in some operating systems, for example when using python modules related to process or file systems. also I always liked Unix and Linux for working on it, in another life, in the 1990s.

It was time to return to the source (ahah), especially now that linux user interface really rocks, and that installing the sound card or a webcam is no longer limited to a handful of nerds, and still as reliable as Unix OS.


Ubuntu installs itself as easily as windows now. everything is almost ready at the end of the installation and there will be no major problems to access your Windows files on another NTFS or FAT32 partition, or to choose between Windows or Ubuntu at startup. I wrote that 'no major problems' instead of writing 'it's easy' only because I'm very upset when I read 'simply' in the blog of a young geek that tells more than he knows (disease of our time), or the blog of older and incomprehensible nerd and that I can't make it work, because I am (often) in a particular case. but the fact is, most often it will work the first time.

The following will interest the novice Linux user that likes 3D and scripting, and the enthousiast BPYthonist used to windows, which would, one Sunday after his coffee, tell to himself "I'm missing something very great, and it's a shame that my scripts never work on mac or linux, and my big 1TB drive could handle with a small partition with ubuntu in it, just to see. "

Last Updated on Thursday, 01 March 2012 18:02

Addon : image tools

un petit outil pour effectuer des opérations courantes dans l' uv/image Editor de Blender : rotations à 90°, flip et mirroring. j'avais eu besoin d'une boucle pour 'retourner' des séries d'images pour un projet, cet addon est la version proprette. bon la par exemple, un mirroring horizontal :

wala :


Last Updated on Sunday, 18 September 2011 06:07

Addon : addon dependencies

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bon, ce n'est pas vraiment un addon blender, mais un hack sur deux fichiers .py de la distribution officiel ( 2.58 r37702 d'usine, gps et jantes métal), et je viens juste de le finir. je voudrais que la communauté le teste, dans l'idée peut-être de le proposer en patch... donc attention c'est essspérimental (mais testé, testé et retesté, il n'y a pas réellement de risques).

mais pourquoi faire, donc ?

le but est de favoriser les développements de modules Blender Python, en partageant du code entre les addons, de créer des convergences entre les développeurs python, de travailler en équipe. beaucoup d'addon utilisent les mêmes fonctions et ont quasi exactement le même code. beaucoup ont les mêmes besoins. beaucoup d'idées de perdent en route, par faute de ne pas savoir comment régler tel cas, alors que ce même cas est réglé dans un autre addon...



a chess game reader / renderer

I begun to learn the new 2.5 api of my favourte application, it was time. this one week programming marathon / absolute desocialization gives that addon, which allows to visualize and render chess games files saved with the PGN format.

activate the addon in Blender, load a .pgn file, choose your board and pieces and voila :


Last Updated on Friday, 01 July 2011 18:23

starcraft II importer

I'm a big fan of Starcraft since the first release in 98. Yesterday I was looking for info about the .m3 file format which is used to store the models in Starcraft II, and if there was a way to extract them from the game then  import them in Blender. I found blendm3, a Blender script that allows you to read .m3 files:

this is the original mesh, its textures and its UV, imported and rendered in Blender. ALL units, buildings and more are available :)

Last Updated on Monday, 07 February 2011 20:05
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