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addon dependencies download

Addon Dependencies v0.75 2.63a

updated and tested with 2.63a
github - readme

previous versions/installation info :

Addon Dependencies v0.5 2.60rc

(from 2.60rc r39307 files)
updated and tested mod for 2.60rc
there's 3 files to replace (see 'installation' at the bottom of the page)

Addon Dependencies v0.4

(from 2.59 r39307 files)
updated and tested mod for 2.59
added various report() messages
tagged the modded files with a value in order an addon can know wether it's the mod or the normal code. (optional needs)

lnmod = ( rxxx_blende_release_number , mod_version )

an addon can decide wether or not to enable or disable itself by returning False or any string message like 'I must write a file before that'. message will be displayed in the console and in the report ui textfield. addon returns nothing or True if everything is ok.

def unregister() :
[some tests]
if tests_ok then :
unregister blah[...]
else : return "modal operator was still runnning but I'm ok now, you can remove me"

for sure a script using dependencies field or returning 'blah' / False remains compatible with normal files, it just won't react.

Addon Dependencies v0.3

allows to work on a multifile module without having to restart Blender at every modification / bug of a sub module.
(this is only about a loop in sys.module, added to the addon disable function, that removes the child modules of the addon, so it can be executed at import time again when they are enabled again). shouldn't hurt, afaik.

Addon Dependencies v0.2

updated for Blender 2.5.8a r38019

corrected two noisy bugs.
added 'link' icons :

the outlined icon means this script needs at least one another addon to be enabled. the needed script name(s) are shown in the 'dependencies' field when the frame is open.

the 'Script Events' addon is used right now, one can't disable it. the script(s) that uses it are shown in the 'used by' field when the frame is open.


unzip it directly in the 2.5x blender subfolder. it won't hurt.

  • in 2.5/scripts/modules :
    . rename as
    . rename as
  • in 2.5/scripts/startup/bl_ui :
    . rename as
    . rename as

2.60rc 3rd file :

  • in 2.5/scripts/startup/bl_operators :
    . rename as
    . rename as