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PGNreader download

PGNreader v0.9

. compatible with addon dependencies
. ui improvement
. camera improvement
required addon : script Events

PGNreader v0.5 patch 0.6
(replace the scripts/addons/io_pgn/__init__ file)
. corrects a bug when the .pgn file contains several games :/
. corrects a bug while reading moves

thanks for c&c :)
if you created a board or a chess set that work with this script (see the .blend files located in the themes folder of the addon) contact me I'll add a link to your page or host your files.

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1 Monday, 19 April 2021 12:15
There are no translations available.

I am trying to implement this addon in 2.9.2

I need help. Can you hep me ??