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a chess game reader / renderer

I begun to learn the new 2.5 api of my favourte application, it was time. this one week programming marathon / absolute desocialization gives that addon, which allows to visualize and render chess games files saved with the PGN format.

activate the addon in Blender, load a .pgn file, choose your board and pieces and voila :


the script allows to create animations or pictures to illustrate a chess article the way you want*. one can add another models for board and pieces.

I like chess. but they don't. there's a probability I begin something about a 3d chess game with the Blender Game Engine, to play on the Internet or again a PECP bot.. if you're interested about this project please contact me. I have tons of blender game python code that could be used for animation and 'natural' user interface part of such a game.

below a tutorial about this addon :

this programming exercice allows me to learn more about python / blender python classes and about the new user interface concept. the new blender 2.5 serie is outstanding for personnal scripting (and for the 3D for sure).. example you can fully integrate your own code in the blender API, or communicate with another addon, all this in pure python of course.

... I didn't test billions of .pgn files yet... so if you find a bug please let me know ! there's a thread on Blender Artists and another one on  blenderclan for the froggies, or you can contact me directly.


* thanks to contact me / let me know if you use this script for associative or commercial purposes, I'm open to any collaboration ;)


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