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Sun Engine

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Sun Engine
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sun engine allow you to locate and animate a sun in the Blender Game Engine.
it is based on a geocentric model, the sun goes around the earth at the right location, depending on the latitude and longitude and the current time in the game.

it relies on the fiat_lux script core functions for the sun position, and optionnaly can be used the same way than the sun_D script, with a sun that is animated by a parent empty rotation.

the setup is simple and fast to achieve, but a lot of options are availables.

quick setup :

  • open Blender and load the script in the text editor.
  • add a sphere (or any mesh/lamp type you want), call it sun (not mandatory).
  • in the logic panel (with the sphere selected) :
    . add an 'always' sensor. enable TRUE level triggering,
    . add a 'python' controler. name it sun engine. in the 'script' text field type,
    . link the sensor to the actuator.
  • ground (not mandatory) :
    . from the front view, add a filled plane,
    . rescale it to 9 blender units (check with the object properties, n key in the 3d view),
    . rotate it 180° (x or y) or swap normals in edit mode,
    . locate it to the world origin (alt-G).
  • switch the 3d view to full screen (CTRL+UP or DOWN arrow) then start the Game Engine (P key)



the sun should move around the ground.the blender console displays the current date and time


for the moment this sun uses a default longitude and latitude ( europe/france/paris/19th district/my flat ;-) ) and the current date/time configured on your computer ( function locatime() ). the sun distance is around 10 blender units, the animation speed is two minutes per script execution (per tic)
next we'll change these defaults.

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