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The main purpose of this script is about rotation of wheels of vehicules.
this 10 wheels maxi-austin animation is done automatically. all of them spin and four of them have steering.

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(the car trajectory is done apart)
the animation work was reduced to mark keyframes with location keys only on a leading empty. the wheels (rotation and steering) are fully animated by the script : no need for a path, a game engine ipo recording, or tons of ipo rotation keys (x 10 wheels !).
Moreover, if you update the animation, the script will update all the rotations.

the script works with follow-path constraint, but is more dedicated to keyed animations.
one can change the diameter size during the animation to animate snow balls like objects, like in the video below :

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.. and it's fast to setup. virtually the script can handle thousands of wheels with zero user configuration (like the cars animated in Open City Engine) ^^

questions, report a bug..Blender Artists Thread

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