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Télécharger Blended Cities
logs (english)

WIP Log :

06/08/10 made a little tool to generate the library xml file.
[pause] working on another project for the G.E. :)
city map creation improvements : enhanced mesh map reader, better support for dead-ends, enclosing blocks, better geometry builder.
corrected some bugs about zoning on/off
city map scale accepts floats.
published. building 'one' disabled for premade object compatibility.
may 2010 big effort about documentation. dictionnary implementation started. several bugs corrected. new data source for citymap : from library. relative and absolute methods for building elevation.
april-mai 2010 zoning from image implementation with James Lethem / Mandoragon.
21/12 0.433 published. updated sets, more code cleaning, debug, improved 'cottage' buildings.
14/12 reactivated building elevation sources, at last !
10-11/12 did some code/test about open street map support :) needs some more controls about lat/lon -> blender coords conversion, also road categories..
6-8/12 BC scripts redesign : aims are one build for both 2.4 and 2.5 blender builds, and blender menu integration : split and reaarange code (common and dedicated 2.4 functions, b2.4 menu hook etc). can be called from 2.4 wizard menu but need to redesign a bit materials import system and map sources.
improved findrectangle.
converted to UTF8 without BOM (for linux)
28/11 0.432t published.
25-26/11 first premade buildings generated, first premade building library :) starting from parts of building : first floor, floor, roof in 10x18 meters or 10x10 meters (can be merged together) and an animated roof detail. thanks to philippe roubal that provided the building mesh.
24/11 new function that found a rectangular area in an n-gons. will be used for most of the premade buildings I suppose.
15-20/11 0.431t published.
corrected bug : create object only is ok
improved objects creation : 3d viewer correctly updated ; use the update hop like for ground parts or buildings
improved console log for objects
object management : reuse blender ghost objects if available.
UTF8 and international font. not vey happy with that since some characters are not displayed in Blender buttons.. but utf8 is the way for locale support, so..
added group support. one can now select all objects that belong to a block, a road, or a crossing, or select a whole city with shift-G
lane directions. :) for general purposes but essentially for thomas opensteer plugin. works at a new opensteer deamon.. still wip, needs extra info about global mesh road direction.
very motivating and usefull feedbacks and contributions :)
15/11 0.43t published.
streets objects sequences are ok for sidewalks. one can define sequences and intervals, add to a road category, ask for a random object in a category ('I want a tree') or a particular one ('I want this streetlight'). each category of road can have its own traffic light at crossings (or any available, or none). street objects button in the create section.
one can choose in which layers to build the buildings, the streets, and the objects.
streets can now be generated as individual parts (crossing, roads, blocks)
updated documentation with shaba1
improved the language files format
improved the residential building library. more 'nested' element, more variations (windows, open or closed windows/shutters)
street/ground source has been restricted to mesh source only.
07/11 sidewalks iterated props on the way. first trees and streetlights along the streets :) sequence and density can be configured but not effective yet.
05/11 improved library requests system (menu tree support, other concept of categorisation that allows multi-parenting for objects group).  gui system for selectable objects for sidewalks : append several objects then build a sequence like 'streetlight a - tree b - any tree - streetlight b - any tree - bench - tree a - streetlight a' etc. added a default object file in /common (some trees and a street light..)
04/11 improved streets : now one can add a kind of sidewalk to a kind of road, so it's possible to obtain large avenues with large sidewalks and cut-throat streets with very small sidewalks etc.
02-03/11 we meet with some nice people on irc, meta-androcto created a blendedcities channel, also added some documentation and improved the website about BC.
31/10 cars are back, same thing than for building and trafficlights, the plugin ask for any available cars in the library, then append the original ones layer 20 and spawn them. need some more work with thomas, the code is terrible.
30/10 first mesh appending from library to building (residential) ! here the current library can import a category of object (signs and handles in this case) without knowing which they are or where they are located in the library. the request is like : 'give me a sign I can add to this building'. works fine. but no support for mat, as the premade mesh is blended with the procedural mesh. but nevermind, one can now build several object per building so potentially the premade object can stay apart, with its own mats.
28/10 material cleaning.
27/10 trafficlights located correctly, whatever the width of the road. that code will be extended to spawn trees, street lights etc. for now it resides in the opensteer plugin
25/10 first modifcations of the thomas plugin with new functions and buttons to test objects appending and duplications. added xml fields about trafficlights animations (so several kind of trafficlights are compatible with the plugin) city blend cleaned (avatars, cars, maps etc.. are in the library, potentialy available).
24/10 libraries contents are available from plugins/libs, and can be displayed/selected in their interface (checkboxes or menu). it's dynamic, so if the library is modified, a lib reload will update the fields in the ui.
23/10 2 days learning and experimenting XML, used now to store references about local library contents. first running library.xml that regroups any group of objects available in the lib by category. goal is to create a meta-layer between the user (or the libs or the the plugins) and the objects he/it need. 'I want a chimney' -> 'here are the available ones' -> 'I want this one.' radio buttons for plugins/libs/core, that will also be able to list available contents by category in a first step, wip. xml rocks, should be the format for builded cities, as the osm project did.
19/10 new description format for libs and plugins buttons. edited all libs and plugins. better gui logs (added <info> meta and fading background). better traceback for plugins ( based on the mods sent by thomas). wrote a sample plugin to demonstrate how gui for plugins work. tabs, comments, blank lines ok for plugins.
18/10 building libs can now generate several objects for each building the core want, not just one. default target layers can be overriden from library or plugins. 'layers' button group for libraries/plugins. 'menu' button for libs. corrected various bugs about material management (one city/one mat bug).
15/10 cityConfig.cfg removed and replaced by the blender registry function (means the config file is now in the bpydata/config folder with the other script config files).
14/10 - back to o.c.e. ! - solved the wrong face normals side issue, so buildings are rendered correctly in the game engine now. plus first steps about face UV flags (collision, double sided, tex flags etc). thomas send me new code about red crosses, multiple lanes, and improved both the deamon, and the blender gateway. philippe works hard on different car setup. I have to implement their great work.
23/08 - improved material management and ui (selectors, default mat, more flexible concept..). added the logo in the gui.
19/08 - the 'materials week' : added a lot of new functions about mats management. created an OCE logo, and begun to update the documentation and the website.
10/08 - added a 'one object=one building' option (more than 16 mats for the whole city, first step about micro creation)
09/08 - added mats from libraries feature, gui goodies (weblinks). sun location (sun-D) how-to as a plugin.
07/08 - volume control : PBLS Height/Area ratio (first step). debug.
06/08 - code cleaning, primitive functions  improvement. (vector format). back to building libraries. rendering : added an animatable cloud dome, a daylight rig ( compatible), and a better rendering default config (sky and atmosphere).
05/08 - PBLS : +4 error cases identified and corrected this afternoon. better logs. oh, another one.. and this one also.. urg, +2 at 3am, looks fine
04/08 - PBLS... it's official : I hate floats. lot balance works correctly. interval 0.1. improved cflloat function, now has a kind of if f in list option that also works for vectors.
30/07 - PBLS debug, interval 0.2.. , new oce_common file with some common functions apart. code cleaning.
27/07 - PBLS improvements : works better at minimum intervals between buildings. general debug, code cleaning. improved building properties : balance of lots, depth interval, sticked buildings, min side lenght.
22/07 - identified a concept error about sidewalk creations in poly mode, they are created too early in the creation process, a wrong shape for sidewalk block is generated in some occasion near crossing, when roads have different widths. should be created at the very end of the crossings and roads creation. :-/ hard case, postponed.
21/07 - libraries : each author can have several .lib files. each lib is enabled/disabled apart in the library menu.
20/07 - modified library chooser : area filter rather than side lenghts.

18/07 - 0.420t - some more tuning about logs (levels 6 to 4 are human readable). checked every presets. it's a bit faster than before.
17/07 - better console logs. some code cleaning (dots function) minor bug corrections.
16/07 - Polygonal Building Location and Shaping : most of the worst cases are solved. exhausting week :)
05/07 - better nla but still a lot a 'worst cases' to consider. open street map initiated. XML parser, first mesh obtained from a real map :-) I should postpone it I need to care about rivers first.
29/06 - new location algo (aka PBLS) - first results with messy angles
28/06 - new location algo -from polygons initiated.
13-27/06 - worked a lot about cars, in order to animate them properly and automatically. wheel rotation script, trajectory script as sub-project are ok. now opensteer plugin can spawn an entire group for one avatar. really productive conversations with Philippe about automated car setups and of course with Thomas for opensteer.
road editor core is now ok, city ground meshes (obtained from mesh) have know different widths.

13/06 - 0.413t - I think the smooth works properly now. afaik no bugs anymore.. updated presets. .blend less messy

12/06 - 0.412t - added Italian translation by bezel from blenderartist. first video tutorial about mesh input. draft of a road editor. Updated opensteerd pack.
09-11/06 - plugins functions. thoughs about the way to configure roads, lanes, one-two ways... thomas feedback and emulation :-)

06/06 - 0.411t - works without python, corrected bugs

05/06 - 0.41t - crossing mesh, gutter, junctions, plugins..
25/05 - gui. improvements. plugin system improvements : multiple sections of codes, read/write core variables from plugin, min-max control, fault tolerance

24/05 - 0.4t t for transitionnal, wip version. first plugin ever : opensteer blender gateway, by thomas 'aothms' krijnen. 'from mesh' source for ground. main missing things are a new location algo, and crossings mesh.
20/05 - 'from mesh' parser works. welcome to curves and traffic circles, at last ! first non blocky city mesh ground ever
19/05 - Piiichan displays his first images about a great city map algorythm he has made.
17/05 - discovered a great thread about NPG IA, path finding, autonomous avatar like in GTA.. Opensteer. Thomas Krijnen made a blender gateway to use it.
16/05 - thoughs about the way to parse a mesh, with a nodal concept. the existing image parser has conceptual limitations.

15/05 - 0.39.9b some bugs corrected. tips/no tips. camera bug. material 'F'
10-15/05 - looking my way through vector analysis (poly functions in to draw curved roads starting from pixel image.

09/05 - 0.39.9 map sources : image / materials / last render for both terrain and ground. on can also change the material used (not just the pomapmat).
added hungarian translation. french translation complete. cleaned lang file format and variable names. gui scaling (1024x768 ok). beeps/no beeps on console warning, refresh buttons ok.
01/05 - consolidation - corrected popmap offset function. now works correctly + restore original offset for each texture. popmap bugs : uniform textures are ok ; works now with min color=0, works now with any scale. groundmap bugs : no need for a black line anymore at the bottom of the image, corrected sidewalks meshes when popmap x or y size is odd. building interval can be 0 now : very dense cities. integrated materials list in the normal workflow creation. poly function slight improvement and debug [ that damn -1#IND thing.. ].
29/04 - lib debug right line number in console.(dummy lines added).
28/04 - [ jerome le chat web site - joomla is cool ] BIG update of the documentation. completed translations
20/04 - received an hungarian translation by Zsolt Fartek :-) will be included in the next release.
17/04 - new released lots of things about polys. adapted sidewalks to these new procedures (0.398dev)

14/04 - 0.39.8 library mixer available (2 filters, height and widths). building libraries lifting : added gui, simple cube library and primitives functions improvements. sidewalks bevelled with borders in gons mode (no tiles in ground tab). added new sets. some bugs corrected (load set with image from file). updated documentation.
29/03 - back to sce : curved street stuff postponed :-/ thinking about a library mixer.

21/02 - 0.39.7 scaterred buildings option. ground as poly minimal version (diags stuff desactivated - but functions are inside). "big_one" preset. faster : 10 times faster in some case for building location. progress bar infos. a bit buggy sometimes..
19/02 - polyground wip. image source bug corrected.
18/02 - ground map interpreted as polygons.. bigger cities, faster process. diagonal/round streets in sight :-) wip. begin documentation in french.
17/02 - quickly updated piiichan library for v0.39 compatibility.
16/02 - added new ground source : image from file. gui code cleaning and 'refresh' improvements.

13/02 - 0.39- partial integration of polygonal functions (polyIn essentially)
2-3 days about polygons, vectors, equations etc.. to build gons functions for
08/02 - very first documentation, very first page about CE

06/02 - 0.38.8 more great and versatile 'littleneo' building lib. linux/mac bug about file writing corrected
01/02 -
01/02 - 0.38.5
29/01 - 0.38
27/01 - 0.35 transitionnal. buildings don't collide anymore, new core loop almost ok, GUI improvements. linux popmap bug corrected. debug console. more fr translation. code cleaning
20/01 - test of a new algo for location/merging of building/density stuffs (control over building intersection,/blending). code cleaning
18/01 - 0.30wip coded a first library, added new primitives
13/01 - - a solution to keep things on a ground vertical while the ground is deformed on Z axis by a lattice. integration planned before v1.0
12/01 - 0.29wip²
10/01 - 0.29wip procedural building library :-) . locales.
08/01 - 0.29dev3 map offset ok : any sizes for both work now. align to road
05/01 - 0.29dev2 improvement/debug of building reloc/resize/reheight when street detected. sidewalks method stich to grid ok. ground build modes debugged
02/01 - 0.29dev scaling stuff. pseudo random ('replay'). rectangular maps. added roads. materials distribution. 'ground as tiles' for latice deformation (XY). one map for building, one for ground for scaling compatibility and future dev. building and ground calculations can be asynchrons, still inter-dependant. new GUI.
24/12 - street mod_scaled-dev - scaling
21/12 - 0.2 street mod. first mod of the original script, to add sidewalks
25/11 - discovered his script, while working on a building for the game engine. addiction and reverse engineering
15/12 - 0.2 detailed building gui and code cleaning code modified by Kurt Whicher (another_noob)
09/11 - 0.1 piiichan releases his amazing script to build cities quickly.


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