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Game Engine Loader

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here is a little tool that allows to configure the resolution of a blender game (as a runtime) then to run it.
buttons status and transitions are animated, and the configuratiuon is saved at every run.

to use it with one of your games :

  • copy the files from exe to your game directory (or modify/save as runtime setup.blend and copy it, then also copy,
  • open launch.bat in a text editor then write the name of the game to run.

by enabling 'Default', the resolution configured in the game will apply and 'fullscreen' is ignored. by disabling a resolution button, the last saved resolution will be enabled.

ok, this might be the slowest loader to initialize (GLSL) and the biggest in size, but this is a first try. the compiled version is made with BPPlayer, which replaces the usual blenderplayer. it includes some features like protection and allows to hide the blender console (which interested me here).


Last Updated on Thursday, 29 April 2010 18:45