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Wintopo Importer

This script allows to import Vectors from WinTopo freeware (windows only).

WinTopo is able to read an image then to convert it into vectors. among other very useful things, it allows to convert a street map like a google one into datas that can be used in blended cities :)

one can export the Wintopo datas as Autocad (.DXF), so Blender can read it too, but this can be very slow to import, and you need to do some operations by hand after that.

WinTopo can also export datas as a text file, that this script can read a way more faster.

. download and copy in the Blender script directory,
. update the script list or restart Blender,
. the script is now located in the Import menu, 'Wintopo (.asc)...'

in Wintopo, once the image has been vectorised, save the result :

and choose the ascii x,y,z format :

then, run the script from the menu from the Import menu and select you .asc file :

click Import Wintopo, you're done :)

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won't help to debug :/ send a file ;)
the script
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don't work :/