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City Engine Gallery

done with the incoming 0.43t. all is created or added/located by the script.(16 nov 2009)

made by janmatys (0.398) really nice shaders and render technics here..
several building libraries are mixed : depending on the size and the height of each building, you can choose to build either houses or residential buildings.

city engine work in progress : automated animation of cars added by the Opensteer plugin.
OpenSteer Moves and rotates a determined number of empties, then an animated setup of car is parented to each one.the car animation ( rotations of wheels and vehicle trajectories) is handled by two 'framechanged' event scripts. this video was done 'out of the box' (29 june 2009)

some non modified pictures obtained straight from the script [0.398]

some nice renders and videos (with 'post-production') obtained straight from sce :

I really like atmosphere and mat properties in this Sun City, by Temujin(

a city by night made by ibr_remote (


made by avideojoe from a 0.390 version I think. it uses the littleneo library.

another one by Piiichan from v0.3. without streets, using skyscrapers.


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