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First walk in town

Once the installation is over, one needs to create a .blend file in which the city will be created. for each new city project, a new .blend file must be created. (see usage)

  • to create this .blend file, make a copy of the BlendedCities.blend file in the same folder than BlendedCities.blend, and rename it as you want :

  • start Blender and load this new file :


  • start the script from the Blender script window : script > wizard > Blended Cities

The Blended Cities script interface shows up. A default city preset is active.  before to go further into details, mouse-left click now the Create button located at the bottom right of the script interface. you should obtain something similar to this :

Ok, you just created a 'builtin' city that comes preconfigured with the script. You can generate other cities by selecting  another one in the City presets dropdown menu where default is selected for now, in the image above.

actually the choice is limited in Blended Cities 0.445, there's only two of them :) but there's no limits about presets, you'll be able to create and save your own presets. below is the city generated by the zonedblock preset (just select zonedblock in the dropdown and hit directly the Create button as before ) :


the script has many options, so it has many buttons.. personally I like to go the intuitive way and try every button... but this method won't be as efficient as with an Ipod !

so here are the essential pages you need to read at least :

the 3 introduction pages that talks about the concept.

Usage (how to avoid bugs)

Interface (how the script user interface is organized)

the Create a city tutorial

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2.49 !
2 Saturday, 28 July 2012 11:33
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this is a 2.49 script :)
Install script fails
1 Wednesday, 25 July 2012 22:14
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I'm running Blender 2.63 and the python install script fails at line 86.