this tab displays information about each installed library and allows to configure their particular options.

on this image the littleneo/residential has been selected in the drop-down menu. this library belongs to only one Category, residential : it will be displayed in the available libraries list of the residential category in the Categories tab.
the Filters line explains that the library is able to create 5 to 20 floors buildings, whom walls lenghts can range between 5 and 10 meters.
the info button displays an information panel about the library, and the Mats button is a shortcut to display the Materials panel of this library.
the A part varies depending on the library : every library can have its own parameters. buttons and variables are retrieved from the corresponding .lib file , added to the interface, then the values are sent back during the creation process.
these parameters are apart from the main parameters.


you can change the categories configured for a library, create a new category, or modify the filters by editing the .lib file in the /library/<libauthor-name> folder. once the modifications are done, you can apply them by using the little R button.

for more information about libraries :

  • an introduction to the libraries system
  • create or modify his own library (work in progress)


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