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Choose your language

the Blended Cities interface is multilingual. at least it can, it essentially depends on you :)
4 languages are available : english, french, hungarian and italian.
there's a drop-down menu at the top right corner of the interface that allows you to select another language. once you selected another one, the texts, buttons and tips are immediately translated.


in order the funny characters to display properly, you need to activate the international font option of Blender !

you can replace the default english language with the language you selected by saving the main configuration :

if the script fails at startup after you changed the default language, have a look to the problems resolution page.

contribution ?

if your language is not available, you maybe could create it by yourself, it requires no knowledges in programming, and it's simple to do and very rewarding. you will then benefit of the tacite and the eternal gratitude of the millions Blended Cities users, and you'll be able to say that you are actively involved in the development of an open-source program, during the pioneer era of computing (if your public is young enough)

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