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below is a list of important instructions and recommandations to avoid bugs (version 0.445) :

  • the script will slightly bug or completely fail if you run it from a blank .blend file : do not use file  > new in the Blender menu.
  • you need to make a copy of the shipped BlendedCities.blend file and rename it as you want.
  • this copy must be located in the Blended Cities folder, where you unzipped it.
  • you should create a new copy everytime you wish to create a new city.
  • you should set the BlendedCities.blend file as 'read-only' to prevent any mistake.


  • the city configurations ( aka the presets) are shared : if you modify and save a preset in one of your .blend copy, the set will be modified in every other copy too. presets are stored in the presets folder.
  • a city preset can be created in a copy then replayed in a new copy if the city data sources you use are located outside of the first copy, e.g. with image or library type sources.
  • the default preset should never be modified. you should create a new preset starting from default and save your own configuration in it  (select default then save as.. in the main tab. from now you can save in this new preset)
  • if you already modified or deleted it, and that it does not work anymore, there's a copy of this preset is located in the Blended Cities/bin folder : the default.set file. copy it in the Blended Cities/presets and confirm you replace the existing file if needed.


  • don't merge your personnal work with one of the copy, unless you are used to append and link Blender functions and that you like to go the tricky and useless way.
  • to add the city objects to your work, it's better to export them in your work  file.
    see :
    the generated objects belong to different groups : City, Building Blocks, Building.xxxx etc.. and can be useful for appending using groups.
  • if you are satisfied with a city, you can save the .blend as usual to export it later, but it's also handy to save its configuration as a preset too. as long as the city data sources are outside the copy, you will be able to clone your city in a new copy.
  • you can configure and save different presets and generate them in a same copy. but since the script generates tons of objects, and although the script does its best to cleanup the objects between 2 city creations, Blender tends to generate ghosts objects that will clutter the file and the memory, and can trouble the script execution (memory leaks, materials and objects duplication..).


  • if necessary the Blended Cities folder can be moved or renamed :

    . first close Blender then move and rename the folder as you wish.
    . restart Blender and load one of your BlendedCities.blend file copy,
    . start the script :

    . click the select dir button : it should point to the the right folder. hit ok.


you can also check the problems resolution page.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 01 November 2011 11:24