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Problems resolution

first check the installation and the usage pages if you didn't yet.

the script fails at startup :

it can occur it you modified the default preset or deleted it, or if you changed the preset which is loaded by default and that there's an error in this preset. an error in a language file or a missing language file or a missing library required by the default preset can also be the cause.

you need to check the Blended_Cities  configuration file located in the .blender/scripts/bpydata/config folder to solve that :

  • in Blender, start the Scripts config editor (located in menu script, script > System > Scripts config editor.)
  • select Blended_Cities
  • remove it using the delete button (the install wizard will show up when the script will be restarted) or edit the fields as below :

the following fields in bold can produce errors in some cases :

debugtofile : not implemented.
beep : produces a beep in some case.
refresh3dview : updates the 3d view at creation time at regular intervals. every 5 generated objects here.
debugcore : défaut 5. niveau de détail des messages de la console. peut créer des problèmes si le niveau est supérieur à 4. (version zero)
version : must match the used Blended Cities version. else the script displays the upgrade or downgrade panels.
mypreset : default city preset.
mylanguage : user interface default language.
bcpath : path to the BlendedCities folder.


it's recommended to write mypreset:default and mylanguage:en to solve the issues.


if bcpath is wrong, the script will ask for the new location when you will run the script again, so edit it now is not mandatory (see the usage page about moving/renaming the Blended Cities Folder.)

if it still fails, maybe you overwrite the default set with another configuration with errors : so you can try to replace the default.set file located in /presets by the one provided in /bin, then reload Blended Cities.

if you still have issues, you can download Blended Cities again and reinstall it :

if you created your own presets, they are located in the presets folder. you can backup them to paste them later in the 'fresh' Blended Cities presets folder.

if you created your own library, elevation or zoning images etc, they should be located in the library folder. you can process the same way than for presets.

Last Updated on Saturday, 08 May 2010 13:32