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there's 4 main parts in the user interface (GUI) :

1 shows general informations about the city you're setting up.

2 is a tab menu. each tab button is a category : it gathers the properties of one particular aspect of your town. these properties are displayed in 3.

allows you to create the city you've configured. this part is common to each tab.

5 allows to change the interface language and to access the online documentation.

the menu 2 can be used in any order, but most of the time they are used from left to right :

  • a starting city preset is loaded from the Main Tab,
  • in the Sources tab, the data sources of the main properties of the city are defined (city map, buildings elevations, zoning...)
  • Streets allows to define the the properties of the roads, the sidewalks, to add urban object or to edit the city map,
  • Buildings allows to configure the building lots and the used building libraries,
  • then one care about materials in Mats,
  • then one generate the objects thanks to the Create panel.

the Plugin tab groups third party scripts that can add features to Blended Cities.

some tab button contains sub-tabs :

here Properties, Categories and Libraries (selected here) are the sub-tabs of Buildings. each sub- tab has its own interface.

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