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Create a city

'Create City' launches the creation process. The other buttons tell what to build, and how.

in the picture above, one asks the script to generate only buildings, and to append them in one blender object, the city object. one can imagine that the streets are useless  because your city is far from the camera and used as a background. or maybe the streets already exist : for example, 'Streets' (the cityground object) was enabled at last run and 'buildings' was not. whatever you decide, the influences between buidings and streets are taken into account.  for example the space for streets will be respected even if the streets are not generated. for sure you can generate everything, once in a row, by enabling the two buttons.

by disabling the 'one' button, every building will be created in an object apart : building.0001, building.0002...
these objects replace the city object. one can see the city to being built during the creation time (see  the slider 'maj', main menu)
this feature alows :

  • up to 16 materials per buildings and not 16 mats only for the whole city.
  • to remove easily uwanted buildings (or script errors, please note the zero in the script version number..:)
  • it becomes easier to animate an earthquake, or make a game,
  • move/edit/re-use some buildings etc..

video tutorial