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Blended Cities is released with some available buiidings and some default street objects, but it's possible to add his own objects  to your city.

libraries are located in the libraries sub folder of Blended Cities, and grouped by author name or by theme. they are red during startup, and can be updated during the execution.

each sub folder can contain different kind of files :

  • a .lib file is in charge of building a shape inside the building lot given by the core script. it then sends back one or several shapes that make the building . this is a texte file with different section and written in python by the author. this file allows :

    . to build one or several shapes thanks to the existing Blended Cities building functions.
    . to import and stack some premade parts.
    . to mix the two technics.

    several section of building codes can reside in one .lib file, and several .lib files can reside in a same sub folder.

    the .lib file header allows to define which category of building it is able to build.
  • one can also find one or several .blend file that contain premade (parts of) buildings, city maps, street objects... any kind of materials that can be used in a city.


a .lib file can then retrieve an object it needs from these files.
a .lib file can also load un object from another /libraries subfolder, like a tree that resides in the common folder.
the library system allows to ask for a kind of object,  or a random one with some filters, without knowing his name or his location in the library :

  • 'I want a chimney',
  • 'I want a chimney from this folder',
  • 'I want a chimney from this .blend file',
  • 'I want this chimney',
  • 'I want a car !'
  • 'I want this car !'*
  • etc...

(* did you saw that movie called The Hidden ?)


the author of a library is free about the way to build the objects in the lot, or about the way to interpret the datas given by the core. for that reason the author can add its own user interface within the Blended Cities one, in order to configure the .lib files behaviour he created. (see Buildings/Libraries)


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