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first premade buildings

the library system begins to work smoothly for premade buildings, here's a first render that uses one model provided by philippe Roubal :

no modifications in this scene after the script job. here's how it works : lthe building is retrieved from a blend file located in the Blended Cities library. it is made from several pieces :

when the main script has finished to split building lots, it sends one lot to one of the library (hum, only one here :)). in the library a code apart is responsible to assemble the pieces together depending on the given context, and sent it back to the main script, that cares about naming, grouping, parenting etc..

every building, or every group of buildings that are structured the same way, has its own script to assemble it. this gives a wide rande of freedom about the building concept each building can use. also you can mix both procedural/parametric shapes and premade parts to build one element.

the smaller the parts, the more the variations ; and the better it will fit to the context.  but as for procedural buildings, the smaller the parts, the more the way to assemble them requires programming knowledges.

on the other hand, to add an entire, one part, one object building, is simple to achieve and does not require python knowledges. it should be reachable to anyone that already use notepad :) the building above is a compromise as the code is short, and is more about logic than programming. I'll publish simple, documented and reusable codes soon.

some changes need to be committed concerning the way the aeras are splitted into  building lots, since the main script does not take into account what the library are able to produce in terms of dimensions and shapes.

BUT this gives a lot of new interesting possibilities ! here's for example a nice building collections, also made by Philippe :

so, if you want to share your buildings and force me to document and work.. welcome !

Last Updated on Friday, 27 November 2009 16:20