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new release 0.44

the new version is published !

  • the zoning feature James Lethem created last month has been implemented
  • a lot of bugs have been corrected
  • big documentation effort
  • new data source for the city map : library. maps can be imported from the libraries.
  • two methods available to interpret the building elevation image.

release notes :

  • the one object mode for buildings has been disabled temporary, to avoid problems with premade meshes.
  • the Material part needs an update, it has not been modified and fully tested in this version
  • the building lot creation concept must change to allow a better integration of the premade buildings. in this version, the lot perimeter must be large enough in order a premade building can fit inside it (see the documentation about buildings)
  • this pack contains only the default libraries. Mandoragon-James and I did conclusive tests with numerous buildings we receive from the community, and the ones fom Philippe Roubal. new libraries will be published soon, contact me if you'd like to share your objects and integrate them as a library.

be sure to read (at least) the installation page, the process has changed since the previous versions..