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New streets !

this image is rendered directly after the creation. the objects are imported from the library, on ecan configure which object are spwaned, per category of road, and define the objects sequences and intervals.

this is not completed but functionnal ::


here one builds a category of sidewalk (ithis one is named 'mediium') for which one define a width and an object sequence. every object is added from the library (add button ). one can see a sequence of 3 objects : 'street lamp' , 'tree 1' and 'tree 2' that will be repeated along the two sidewalks of the street. the 3 sliders on the right define the reserved space for each object.

in order to use it, one have to link it to one or several categories of roads, in the Roads subtab.

Last Updated on Sunday, 08 November 2009 15:59