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create a city - step by step - Streets creation

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create a city - step by step
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  • now let's create the source object that will create the streets :

    select the blender layer 19 in the 3d view. it already contains some premade source objects.
    first create an empty circle with 8 vertices, and locate it anywhere. name it my_map. in edit mode extrude all the vertices to draw the future streets and the building blocks. then add some more verts and edges to represent a main street and some other building areas. I obtained something like this :

    one can see that dimensions are 88x34 Blender Units, rescaled. try to keep it simple for a first try.

  • then we tell the script to use this object as a map :

    select the inputs tab. one can see here that the script use the Village.001 as a street map :

    replace Village.001 by my_map (or select my_map in the 3d view then hit the small S button to confirm)  :

    the M/bu is a multiplicator : in this script, one meter equals one Blender Unit. here it says that one BU of the city map  object are equal to 4 meters/BU. hit the preview button to display the final size of the city : it will draw a simple mesh with the street, rescaled to 352x136 BU in my case.

  • now create the streets :

    turn off the Buildings and Objects buttons at the bottom of the interface. save your configuration (Main tab, save button of the preset block). let the 'one' button at the right of the street one disabled, since one wish to create every street, crossing, and block as dedicated object.

    press Create City. the Blender console displays some info about the creation process, and the objects appear little by little in the layer 2 of the 3d view.

    if you obtain weird shapes, this is often because your map is too small, or that the streets are too wide. increase the M/bu value or scale the my_map object bigger.

  • define the main street :

    for the moment the roads have the same width, 4 meters, which is the default for a 'one way' street. we will now add a 'two ways' that come across the city. select the Streets tab, then the Roads sub tab. here you can edit the different category of roads, and map them to the street lines of your map. hit the Edit mesh button : new buttons appear whereas the 3d view switch to edit mode and (should !) display your map.

    select an edge in your mesh then press the belong to button. every 'roads' of your map are now selected, and the interface display the current category attached to each of them, which is 'one way'. it also shows the type of lane attached to this road category.

    select the future avenue :

    in the road category drop down menu, select two ways then hit the add button : the selected edges now belong to the two ways road category. if you now select the one way category then hit select, you should have :

  • Create City.. :

    the city streets are built. now let's sold the building area.

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