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the city engine script has evolved a lot since the last release. there's still some work to do, but here's the menu :

  • new 'per building' creation mode :
    one can still build one city object that groups all of the buildings, but one can now obtain one object per building, and potentially more (one building divided into pieces).
    ( video - doc )
  • materials manager :
    materials are categorized and can be attributed in various ways to each building.  a kind of building that needs several materials describes his needs in its .lib file (for example two colors for materials, a special glass for balconey, metal...) and the user chooses which material to use for  each category. each lib can also use its own mats, retrieved from an external file. lots of variations are permitted.
  • object library / premade objects :
    one can import group of objects from external files : buildings details, traffic lights, cars, etc... objects are categorized and available from the script, the plugins or the bulding libraries. there's no need to know the external  file location, the file name or even the object name : one ask for a kind of object through a fonction call like :
    'give me a window from the ones available'
    'give me all the available cars
    'give me a tree from this directory'..etc..

    the library manager uses xml to list the available elements. I've begun to list of them here.
  • car animation :
    Thomas Krijnen enhanced the car aniimation (pathfinding, based on opensteer)... the traffic lights are working !
  • all the last changes

so, see you very soon :-)

Last Updated on Monday, 02 November 2009 14:34